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PNI - how do the mind, nervous and immune systems interact?

18th September, 2017 10:00am

What is psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)? 
This talk will look at:
  • the influence of the brain on PNI
  • stress and PNI
  • stressors
  • the balance of personal resources
  • the stress response
  • the effects of stress on the mind and body
  • interrelationships between the central nervous, immune and endocrine systems
  • the immune system as a sensory system/sixth sense
  • communication within the body
  • the psychosomatic component of illness
  • the importance of the signs and symptoms of illness
  • how the immune and nervous communicate
  • effects of stress on the brain
  • reducing the impact of stress
  • dealing with stressors
  • effects of stress on pregnancy, babies and childhood
  • the impact of PNI on health
  • stress reduction
  • detoxification
  • prevention.
Respected wellbeing expert Brian Isbell, an experienced natural health practitioner and educator, is holding regular Bagnall Centre Family Health and Wellbeing talks on Monday mornings.
The talks are open to our clients and complementary health professionals who wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge of self-care and integrated healthcare. These talks will help you and your family to understand and implement simple and effective health and wellbeing practices.
Date and Time: Monday 18th September, 10.00 - 12.00.
Price: £10 including refreshments (please book in advance to avoid disappointment!).
For the benefit of complementary health practitioners, the talks qualify for Continuing Professional Development points and Brian will provide CPD certificates if required.