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Intestinal Kind Cuisine

24th June, 2017 10:00am

Sonia from The Cultured Cellar is now sharing her passion for food and teaching others to incorporate Old World lifestyles into their modern day life.

Driven by the desire to rescue her children from autism, Sonia made the time to learn and incorporate the lost ways. She spent her childhood travelling and lived in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, France and Italy, which encouraged her love of food, first acquired from her Algerian mother, giving her the unique ability to combine traditional foods and creating delicious moreish dishes.

On this course, individuals will be empowered with new skills and a love and appreciation for the lost and very much necessary old ways. She shows you how to successfully migrate from a standard western diet to nutritionally dense replacement foods that will impact you in both the short and long term.

Sonia has an amazing ability to empower individuals to grasp new skills to reproduce in their own life.


1. What are fermented foods and their benefits; how to make milk kefir, yoghurt, fruit soda, cheese, cheesecake and sauerkraut.

2. How to properly prepare foods such as bone broth and sprouted beans and have them to hand.

3. Dishes will be demonstrated including savoury and desserts.

4. Other dishes include stews, pie, pancakes and muffins and packed lunch ideas for children.

5. You will be able to sit down to a relaxing meal with an opportunity to talk and ask questions.

All ingredients used will be organic and the water sourced from a spring.

Cost: £95 per day. Please note places are limited to 12 people per day - book early to avoid disappointment! 

To book your place please click here.  

Organiser: Sonia Dunduru

Landline: 01491 637516

Mobile: 0797 925 6431.