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Eating Raw Food


In our time-poor, highly pressured modern world, it can be easy to reach for a quick fix solution to putting food on the able. The power and reach of the enormous food industry’s marketing means we are continually bombarded with advertising - from fast food to ready meals - anything designed to save us time and effort.

But we passionately believe that the incredible power of nutritional therapy is woefully underestimated and not well enough understood. Research demonstrates the role of nutrition in preventing a number of chronic conditions and diseases and even the ability to reverse some conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, particularly when combined with increased exercise and other lifestyle changes.

This month we are focussing on raw food. Raw food typically means ‘unprocessed’ although you can still marinate, chop, blend and even lightly steam food and it still counts as raw. One of the benefits of eating raw is that a large proportion of vitamins and protein are destroyed during the cooking process. Additionally, cooking destroys almost all phytonutrients and enzymes. Bear in mind that every plant comes with its own set of enzymes - enzymes work with vitamins as catalysts to aid the digestive process and all metabolic processes in the body.


Nadia Brydon is one of our food heroes. A passionate advocate of the benefits of consuming ‘living’ food, Nadia founded AURA (Are U Really Alive) to inspire and encourage people to add more living food in their diet and increase their energy levels, subsequently resulting in feeling more alive and increasing happiness.

Nadia teaches the benefits of a Naturopathic lifestyle and our ability to detoxify our bodies with herbs, juices, sprouts and raw and living foods. If you’d like to find out more you can take a look at her website here.

Top Tips

Here are our top tips to help you enjoy the benefits of eating raw food in your everyday life: remember that even making small positive changes can have a big impact on your health and wellbeing.

Eat seasonally - right now, why not get out into the beautiful Chiltern countryside and pick delicious blackberries. Abundant, free and packed with nutrients! Or enjoy some courgettes, runner beans and apples. Eating seasonally means extra flavour and freshness as well as better value.

Minimise cooking of vegetables - chop and eat raw as crudités, lightly steam or marinate to preserve vitamins and enzymes.

Increase your intake of ‘green’ - adding just a handful of green to your daily diet will increase your consumption of beneficial ‘living’ food - Nadia Brydon advocates the underestimated power of such food to give us increased oxygen and chlorophyll.

Choose organic - organic fruit and veg has significantly more nutrients than non-organic. And of course choosing organic means you are lessening your body’s exposure to the toxic chemicals used in the production of non-organic food through pesticides.

Thanks for reading and remember nutrition is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle - we are here to help you live better!