PRACTITIONER SPOTLIGHT: Zoe Hill - Plant-based Natural Chef

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Here’s what Zoe has to say about what she does, and why she does it.

Zoe cooking

“My passion is not only for cooking and experimentation with food, but also for nutrition and teaching healthy cookery, as well as enabling and empowering people to improve their health with delicious, nourishing plant-based foods.​

I have been fortunate enough to grow up around incredible people who are working towards changing the discourse and closing the gap between the NHS and preventative and more natural healthcare providers.

My mother owns and runs the Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare and I am therefore in constant close contact with a wide range of experts in nutrition.

I am currently training as a Vegan Natural Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, and I will graduate at the end of October 2018 after completing an internship at a health retreat.

I have additionally completed a basic training course with the “Let’s Cook” project, a Buckinghamshire County Council funded initiative, which has provided me with funding to provide community cookery classes and basic food education.

Teaching is a brilliant way to make a difference I feel and I often assist at training courses in fermentation and ancestral food preparation, cooking for therapeutic juicing and intensive nutritional therapy.​

Another passion of mine is my writing work and I am a freelance copywriter and editor in the broader field of nutrition and natural healthcare, helping to create the pioneering new publication “Functional Medicine Magazine”, which aims to educate and inform the general holistic community about the latest evidence-based research into lifestyle medicine.

My eventual goal is to establish myself as a therapeutic chef and teacher, helping people to improve their health and change their lives through the power of what passes their lips.”

Cook for Life (Zoe Hill and Katie Firth) is sponsored by L.I.F.E., a new charitable venture at The Bagnall Centre, to provide subsidised, accessible and healthy cookery classes. Cook for Life will be running plant-based cookery teaching classes at the Bagnall Centre throughout the year.

Find out more about Zoe on her website Taste of Life.