What's on

What's on

Bioresonance: what is it?

This talk will look into:

  • the origins, history, hypothesis, principles and equipment used in bioresonance;
  • the procedures used;
  • a case study of treating Lyme disease;
  • the SCENAR, Eastern and Western medical opinion of bioresonance;
  • the potential role of bioresonance in an integrated medical system.

Respected wellbeing expert Brian Isbell, an experienced natural health practitioner and educator, is holding regular Bagnall Centre Family Health and Wellbeing talks on Monday mornings.

The talks are open to our customers and complementary health professionals who wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge of self-care and integrated healthcare. These talks will help you and your family understand and implement simple and effective health and wellbeing practices.

10am-12pm, Monday 11th June

Price: £10 including refreshments (please book in advance to avoid disappointment!).

For the benefit of complementary health practitioners, the talks qualify for Continuing Professional Development points and Brian will provide CPD certificates if required.

Get in touch with us at bookings@bagnallcentre.com or call 01494 791288 to book your place.