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Floating Sound Relaxation

Floating Sound Meditation

Decompress from your busy week and start the weekend feeling relaxed!

During this multi-sensory experience, you will be cosily cocooned inside a vibrantly coloured silk hammock, chosen for its uplifting and relaxing properties, whilst being gently rocked into ‘a deeply relaxed state of being, free from tension and anxiety’. Soothing aromas will fill the air around you, as your entire being is immersed within an ambient soundscape of gongs and complementary instruments.

Dr. Herbert Benson, author of ‘The Relaxation Response’, found that repetitive movement (the gentle rocking of the hammock) helps to elicit your body’s Relaxation Response. This allows for a lower heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. The Relaxation Response is essentially the opposite reaction to the ‘fight or flight’ response, which helps to counteract the physiological effects of stress. By tuning into the senses (touch, sight, sound, and smell) your awareness is bought into your body and into the present moment, helping you to have a healthier response to stress.

Some of the possible benefits of the session can include:

- helping to alleviate stress

- promoting a sense of deep rest and relaxation calming the brain, allowing the body and mind to relax

- harmonising the nervous system

- decompression of the spine, helping to relieve tensions in the back and neck

- creating a soothing womb-like sensation

- allowing the body to restore its own innate healing wisdom

What to bring:

We provide all necessary comforts such as cushions, eye masks and blankets, but do bring some bottled water with you to stay hydrated after the session.

What to wear:

Please wear a long sleeved top and leggings or yoga trousers that cover your knees. Form fitting clothing is best, as baggy clothing can snag and catch on the silk fabric of the hammocks causing accidents. Please also bring some socks to wear.

It is important to ensure that clothing is zipper free and to remove all jewellery (e.g. body piercings, watches, hair clips etc.) before the session as these can cause damage to the hammocks.

Health note: please let Sam know in advance if you are in your first-trimester of pregnancy, have a metal implant or pacemaker, if you suffer from vertigo or have had recent surgery, particularly if you have had recent eye surgery or are under the care of an eye specialist, or if you suffer from a sound sensitive/inner ear condition or have any other health concerns and would like to check if this session is appropriate for you, please do get in touch so we can have a chat.

Safety information: each hammock has a working load limit of 27 stones, and the steel roundslings have a stress load of 2 tonnes. We have been Engineer approved that each hammock has a weight bearing load of 100kgs/15.5 stones for the purposes of this class. There is however some degree of flexibility if your current weight is over this limit, please mention it to us if you’re unsure. We will always employ our utmost discretion.

A session costs £15 and are limited to 8 people at a time and last for 1 hour. There will be 2 sessions available at the following time slots (pre-pay booking is required to secure your spot):

Session 1: 6-7pm, Session 2: 7-8pm


Friday 11th January

Saturday 12th January

Friday 18th January

Friday 25th January

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the session start time as the door will be locked until then. Please be on time, as due to the nature of this session we are unable to admit late comers and the door will be locked promptly at either 6pm or 7pm.

Please email Sam Hyder or call on 07787 291529 to book your place.

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