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Play with your Food

play with your food


Creative and educational cookery classes for kids aged 7-12, designed to give them the confidence to begin to cook for themselves - not to mention occupying their time after school, and giving you a break - and a night off from making dinner!

These classes will allow kids to experiment with a wide range of food with different tastes, textures and appearances, and show them how to create their own healthy recipes to suit their own tastes.

All the food will be plant-based and gluten, dairy and nut free.

Your child will learn;

  1. To be open to trying new and different foods, particularly different flavours, or foods that look different to those that they are used to.
  2. Healthy, easy recipes that they can personalise, to encourage a more varied diet.
  3. To experiment with different seasonings, additions or substitutions to existing recipes, to encourage creativity with food.

Different classes will include…

“Build-your-own” Burger

Learn to make their own bean burgers, gluten-free healthy buns and oven-baked, healthy chips, decorated with all of the delicious veggie toppings you could ever wish for as well as homemade sauces and dips.

Try out “Tasty Tapas”

Creating a selection of tantalising and tempting but simple Spanish-style tapas dishes, incorporating many new kinds of vegetables and seasonings, getting kids to enjoy their veggies!

“La petite haute cuisine”

Chickpea mini quiches and gluten-free, oat-flour crepes with healthy date caramel, this is kid-friendly French-style food made healthy, without losing any of the flavour, encouraging more nourishing versions of classic foods.

4.30pm - 6.30pm

£20 per class or £50 for block of three.

The class will be run by Cook for Life (Zoe Hill and Katie Firth), and is sponsored by Bucks County Council and L.I.F.E., a new charitable venture at The Bagnall Centre, to provide subsidised, accessible and healthy cookery classes. Cook for Life will be running plant-based cookery teaching classes at the Bagnall Centre throughout the year.

Zoe is currently studying to be a Natural Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Katie is a passionate home cook who has been providing delicious meals to her family and friends for many years.

What's on

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