Rooms Available at The Bagnall Centre

We take pride in the quality of the rooms and facilities available at the Centre. Each room is well maintained and equipped for easy access and set up. All rooms are heated and have Internet access through Ethernet or Wi Fi. Each room has an intercom system through to reception services.


This is our largest multi-purpose room. Carefully renovated, this room benefits from triple aspect windows and a double height vaulted beamed ceiling with skylights. Ideal for yoga and pilates classes accommodating up to 14 people per class. This room is also used for workshops and can seat up to 50 people. The Bagnall Centre provides gym balls, yoga/pilates mats and head blocks.


A light triple aspect room, the classroom is used for pilates, yoga and mindfulness workshops as well as educational courses and regular continuing long term workshops. Seated this room accommodates 30 and for exercise classes, a maximum capacity of 10. The Bagnall Centre provides gym balls, yoga/pilates mats and head blocks. Projector facilities are also available.


A well lit room used primarily for classes and workshops of up to 20 people. The Bagnall Centre provides gym balls, yoga/pilates mats and head blocks. The gym also has a treadmill, an exercise bike, steps, benches, kettle bells and weights. Projector facilities are also available.

Training Kitchen

A beautifully presented training kitchen accommodating classes of 12 active participants. Spacious, light and fully equipped with all utensils, two large fridges, freezer, dishwasher, gas and electric hobs, two electric ovens and a filtered water tap. Projector facilities are also available.

T1 Multi Purpose Room

This is our most spacious and versatile room. With a high quality portable couch it can quickly be set up for bodywork treatments with equipment conveniently stored away when not in use. It also boasts 3 comfortable chairs, which makes it ideal for counselling services in a relaxed setting or with circular table and chairs for small group work.

T3 Bodywork Therapy Room

T3 has simple clean lines and is a dedicated bodywork therapy space with an electric plinth and hand wash basin. In addition to the clinic unit for treatment accessories there is a desk and chairs to carry out consultations or write up notes.

T4 Bodywork Therapy Room

T4 is a more spacious bodywork room with the option to easily adapt the space for different treatments. It has an electric plinth, clinic unit, height adjustable practitioner stool and desk and chairs for consultation.

T5 Bodywork Therapy Room

T5 is an adaptable treatment room equipped with an electric bed with a range of head and body adjustments, height adjustable practitioner stool, comfortable chairs for informal consultation, desk and chair for note taking.

T6 Room

T6 is a compact space and excellent for one to one counselling. It works beautifully for up to 3 people and is ideal for more private work.

T7 Room

T7 is a well proportioned room with 3 comfortable chairs for informal work or a round table and chairs which make it ideal for family counselling, review sessions, mediation or small group meetings.

T9 Room

T9 is a soft furnished and intimate space for one to one consultations or counselling work.

If you would like to start your healthcare practice at the Bagnall Centre please contact us on 01494 791288 or
We look forward to hearing from you!